Sunday, 21 June 2015

One year on...

Today may be the longest day of the year, but it’s cold and rainy, so I’m parked up at Wood Nook campsite, near Grassington. It’s my ‘go to’ campsite in the Yorkshire Dales when, about once a month, I give the onboard batteries an extra boost (which enables them to hold a better charge from day to day). Also an opportunity to get dependable wifi and a shower.

I’ve been on the road now for exactly a year, and, on the whole, I’m happy with the way it’s gone. I’m able to do most of the things I planned to do… specifically to shoot pix, edit them ‘on the road’ and email/upload them to publishers, magazines, agencies, etc. Writing is simpler; I can write just about anywhere, and email an article in a fraction of the time it takes to email a photo. I bought a small mifi gadget, but there are so many sources of free wifi these days that I don’t use it very often.

It’s a basic existence. I eat when I’m hungry; I drink when I’m dry. There’s no routine. I’ve had a few miserable days, when I’ve wondered what the hell I’m doing… but I’d be surprised if I didn’t!  I have plans and itineraries, but they’re subject to revision if another, better plan appears.

Another night in Skipton, North Yorkshire…

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