Sunday, 10 April 2016


I was in Hull today, taking pix in clear spring light. The centre of the city is a mess; the council have obviously decided that Hull needs to be re-paved before it assumes the title of City of Culture in 2017. I find it hard to believe that the work will all be finished by the end of this year, so I took some pix of the work in progress. If the deadline isn’t met, the news media will want pix to illustrate Hull’s civic embarrassment… and my pix should meet their needs.

There was still plenty to photograph, especially around the marina. I had a chat with a woman, about how good it was to be up and about on a glorious day like today. “I’ve just seen a gorgeous little motorhome”, she said (mine), and told me it was her dream to travel around. The nomadic idea seems to have a broad appeal.

Staying in Patrington this evening, with hopes for another early start tomorrow morning. It’s years since I’ve been to Spurn Head. It’s a magnet for spring and autumn migrants, so I’ll make sure to have my monocular in my pocket. I’ve seen a game of cricket before I’ve seen the first swallow… and that doesn’t seem right…

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