Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Cleaning up...

Is it a male characteristic to leave someone else to clear up after you’ve made a mess? And is this one of the reasons why the final choice for Tory party leader and - for a few months, at least, the next Prime Minister - will likely be between two female candidates (another reason being that no sane person would vote for that detestable shit, Gove)?

So many people who espoused the ‘Leave’ cause have left the field of play, to take no further part in proceedings. And these are the people who won! No whoops of joy from them, no fist-pumps of triumph... just a furrow of the brow, a wan smile, a shrug of the shoulders. They haven’t left trailing clouds of glory, they’ve slunk away with tail between their legs. It’s a strange kind of victory.

I’ll plump for Theresa May as the least worst candidate, and fervently hope that Boris Johnson’s withdrawal from the race isn’t just one more scheming plot aimed at winning him the top job in a year or two… 

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