Monday, 3 August 2015


Spent yesterday morning in Lacock taking pix with and without people. If they notice me at all, passers-by assume I’m waiting for people to vacate my composition… when I’m really just waiting for one person, or two, or three (no more than that) to walk into shot in a visually interesting way.

Later in the day I spent a couple of hours photographing the standing stones at Avebury: an ancient monument held in such high regard by the locals that they built a village inside it. The village pub, the Red Lion, actually boasts about being inside a World Heritage Site! On a sunny Sunday, people were picnicking around the stones, and a guy with dreadlocks was playing a bongo. An hour later he was wandering down the road, looking disorientated.

I’m ambivalent about the ‘power’ of standing stones; my feeling is that all places are sacred or no place is. For a World Heritage Site, Avebury hasn’t been served too well over the years…

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